Tennis & me

My name is Anna Tang, I'm 13 years old and from Denmark. My current ranking in the U14 category is No. 1. As a junior elite tennis player based at the Hilleroed tennis club  I represent my club playing team matches on the clubs senior elite team. I'm also playing national grade one tournaments in both junior and senior. Also when I get the chance -  I play Tennis Europe tournaments.

Anna Tang tennis

What is my training set up?

I usually have tennis training for approx 13 hours every week (8 scheduled sessions and the rest I set up with my family and friends). On top of that I have at least 3 hours strengths and conditional training per week. 

Since the age of 9 I'm playing tennis. I used to play football (soccer) but my dad took my brother and me to try out playing tennis. I instantly fell in love with the sport. I practice with my dad and my brother as often as I can. 

I love tennis. I like that it is both -  a physical and mentally demanding sport. There is so much you need to learn in order to be a good player. 

My focus on becoming a mentally stronger player

I have one thing that I am working extra hard on and that is my mental strengths. I’m temperamental and a perfectionist. That is a tough combination. I can get very angry with myself when I loose a point or don’t play my best. I have worked really hard on controlling my feelings and now I'm much better in managing these. However I'm continuing to focus on my mental strength to become the best tennis player I can be.

Anna Tang tennis

Where do I live and train?

I live 7km from my club. I have a lot of good friends at my club. It feels like a second home to me. I am always happy when I am going to the club and when I am going to play. I can’t imagine not playing tennis.

We have eleven outdoor clay courts and six indoor hardcourt courts. We play indoors from the beginning of October to the end of April. It is very nice to have good indoor facilities - which enables me to play all year round with little to no interruptions. We also have a gym and great physiotherapists close to the club.

My next step

Starting this August I got accepted to a school where there is a class for only elite sport kids, so everybody know how it is to compete at a high level. My school is giving me very good support so that I am able to practice and play tournaments during normal school hours. My school is about 5 minutes by foot from the club so It is easy for me to come from school to tennis.

Please bookmark my blog page as I'm now blogging regularly as a #nextgeneration junior pro player here on tennis Brothers. If you have an Insta account then why not connect here.





Anna Tang