#9 Coming back after 3 injuries?!

What happened?

Back in August - after 2 years in the 12&U age group - I was really exited to move up into the 14&U age group. Although still 12 my birthday of End of March means that I move up quite early when it comes to british age group cut off dates.


Nevertheless - a new challenge was waiting..playing not only 14 year olds but also being able to play up in the 16&U as well as 18&U age groups. I was so motivated to make the next big step in my tennis journey.

In September I put a lot of effort into my training at Reeds School Tennis Academy. Then at the beginning of October I played my first regional 14&U tournament.

Injury strikes the first time

After the first day I felt some pain in my harmstring - not too bad but it was there. I thought that some stretching will do. The next day I played another 2 games & the pain did not go away. I somehow felt at this moment that something was not right.

Then on Monday - I was back at Reeds School Tennis Academy - my S&C coach had a closer look at my leg. He immediately referred me to the Physio to check up on my harmstring. I thought to myself - this does not sound good. I also felt a slight pain when running.

Later that day I was diagnosed with a Grade 2 harmstring injury which meant that I was not able to train or play tennis anymore.

I was devastated but worked hard to minimise the “tennis” free time. Then - 7 weeks later . - I thought that I’m back…I had trained some 2 days without pain and got the all clear to train at 80% of the max. Just a few more days & I’m back at 100% - I thought.

tennis Brothers_Lucian._MischkerJPG

Injury strikes a second time

A few hours later I felt another - new - pain in my left hip. I had to stop training. Back to the Physio - then another blow to my comeback. I AGAIN had to stop training - this time because of pain in my hip ( I’m not boring you with the details as to what exactly the problem was ).

Fast forward another 4 weeks and it’s Monday the 3rd of December - I started to train on 60% - 10 weeks after my initial first injury. It felt good. So we made the decision to play a local 14&U tournament today. Nothing big, not to win it or perform at peak - no just to get back in the motion to play competitive tournaments.

Getting ready to play tournaments again


I felt really good & was ready to go - finally back on the court - for real ;-) guess what happened next?

NO not another injury - Rain!

As this was a local tournament it was played outdoors! The tournament was cancelled because of rain. Now that I have “beaten” my injuries I’m beaten by the british weather…


I will try again next week - I will let you know what happens then… will I finally be able to play a competitive game before 2018 is over? We shall see…

Update 17 December- my third injury!

I now suffer from back pain & might actually end the year with no more competitive game-play. Very frustrating - but I hope that 2019 will start better then 2018 ended!

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