#4 What have I learned at my first Tennis Europe tournament?

Finally I played my first ever Tennis Europe tournament. To make a start we choose the Junior International U12 in Halton. I was preparing to play the qualifications but luck was on my site. The day before the tournament started I was "upgraded" to the Main Draw. 

My first opponent was the No. 2 of Brazil Davi Daniel. In the first set I played good tennis but in the end I lost the set 6:7. In the second set I did my best but somehow also lost my believe that I can win the match. Hence I lost the second set 0:6. In the end I reached the quarter final of the Consolidation Quarters. Most of my games where close so I'm confident that my next Tennis Europe will bring better results. 

My top 3 take aways are:

1.) I gained a really good insight into how other players of my age developing their game 

2.) The players I played where very good and will help me to improve my game 

3.) It's very motivational to be surrounded by friends and players from all over the world. Is it maybe to much to think that it feels like a first glimpse of how "live on the tour" feels?

Michael Mischker