#5 My first injury !

Recently I had an accident whilst playing a 5-a-side football game at school which resulted in me breaking my toe. Later the same day i spent 4 hours waiting to be seen in hospital for the x-rays and to be seen by the nurses there. After i found out my toe was broken i was devastated, all of my hard work over the last months building up to the summer season was for nothing as now i am out of action for the next 4-6 weeks.

Felix Mischker, tennis Brothers

So how am I going to keep fit over this time I thought to myself?

How to keep fit with a broken toe?

I then quickly googled it and saw there was a lot of cardio and sport I could do even with a broken foot. These include swimming because it doesn't put a lot of pressure on your feet,

Stationary cycling in a gym where i don't have to touch the ground to support my self and also , rowing for the upper body without leg push.

We have also reached out for a strength and conditioning coach who will help me to build muscle and to be fit for the summer, which will also be filmed and put on our Youtube channel.

Some of the fixtures I missed included club championships at my local club, a large school tournament with loads of schools going to it, and also 2-3 European tournaments at the start of the summer holidays. Obviously I was frustrated about this happening however in this rest I will have lots of time to reflect and to relax before a summer of tournaments. I will also have time to get in the right mindset to come back even stronger than before especially because this is the first time I have been injured for over 2 weeks. 

Finally thank you for everyone who has taken their time to tell me what they do when they are injured and also to the people who wished me to get well soon.


Michael Mischker