#7 We create a professional You Tube trailer

As some of you know we have been asked over the summer to be a media partner at the ATP Challenger Isar Open 2018. This in itself was a great experience as we where able to meet the players in the players lounge & in general be able to experience very closely what it means to be a professional player on the ATP tour.

tennis Brothers &  One Wave.JPG

One other unique experience was that we where given the opportunity from the oneWave Studios team to create a professional trailer for your tennis Brothers Brand.

We where surprised how much fun the filming was. We know from our You Tube episodes that it can be a pain at times. However filming with the team of oneWave Studios was refreshingly easy & straight forward.

Top 5 tips when creating a channel trailer:

1.) Think about what your channel stands for - what are the three things your audience should remember

2.) Create a storyboard - this is a piece of paper where you write or draw all the key scenes of the trailer - this helps you to film efficiently

3.) Start filming & be patient when it takes a few “takes” - it will be worth in the end when the quality it outstanding

4.) Be patient & make sure all the post production is done before you launch the video

5.) Launch the trailer & spread the word about your channel.

Again we where lucky to have some real professionals at our site. One Wave made the process real fun & the filming was not taking too long.

tennis Brothers & One Wave 2 .JPG

It’s also important for us that we “like” the people who we work with - only then it creates not good but outstanding results. The team we did the trailer with was just amazing to work with. Professional but still fun - a rare combination.

So in short - whenever you need a good media and event crew to do amazing content - think about oneWave Studios - connect with them here.


Felix & Lucian