#10 PMTR tennis academy is our european tennis academy of choice

Hello everyone, 

It has been a while since we last blogged but we feel that you would like to know this news.

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Now that Felix is working hard in order to be able to play ITF level tournaments and I’m looking forward to a 2020 in which I will be playing 14&U Tennis Europe Events it’s important for us to have a top European tennis academy that will function as our central home in terms of tournament preparation and the odd booster in terms of having a “make us better “ pro-tennis camp.


After looking around & talking to tennis academies we are proud to announce that we are teaming up with the PMTR tennis academy in Germany. PMTR is one of the biggest & best tennis academies in Germany -  and possibly Europe. We have spoken many times with Uwe Schumann, the owner and head coach of PMTR. He made us feel really welcome and more importantly we agreed on their tennis philosophy.


The top 3 things that made us choose PMTR tennis academy:


1.) Hard work ethos & the believe that dedication beats talent when it comes to become the best player one can be.

2.) They have a holistic player development concept which means that they look at players in terms of S&C, tennis as well as the food and mental strenghts perspective.

3.) Players can opt in to receive player pathway management which means PMTR & its partners can source sponsors as well as advice on colleague tennis options.



The last part is the most important one to us. We believe that an academy always needs to look at the complete player & not “just” at the tennis of a player. Think about it like that  - what makes the big difference when progressing your tennis  - the 20 hours per week you play the sport or the 148 hours a week where you don’t play. It’s also of utmost important to do the right things when you’re not on the tennis court playing tennis.


The PMTR coaching team also travel with their performance players to tournaments. With that comes pre and post-match analysis, tournament mentoring and performance planning – They also look after you when it comes to finding you sponsors and make sure you are well connected when you want to try out US college tennis before becoming a pro player on the ATP or WTA tour.


We feel it’s a family of friends and supporters we are joining (when visiting while in Germany)  - not just another tennis academy. So this is very special to us.

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Check out PMTR’s website here  - let us know what you think


As said before - when in Germany - we will use the PMTR academy for all our international training and tournament preparations. Of course there will be a strong alignment with Coach Pete at Westside Club, Wimbledon who looks after Felix. 

We invite you to see for yourself how they do things over there in Germany  - on our Insta we will be cross posting pictures and stories from friends we have over there.

We are looking forward to a new chapter of our journey 😉 We are so excited to share this with you. Let us know what you think  -drop us a Insta DM or leave a message on the website.



Lucian and Felix