#8 Does hard work really beats talent?

Most people who are fans of a sport - let’s take tennis for obvious reasons - will say that you have to be extremely talented to make it to the top.

Talent is the “Joker” of having far above average natural abilities when born into this world. How lucky to have these possibly unique supernatural capabilities - a natural way to outclass the competition. Only little or average work is required to develop to a world-class tennis professional. Success is pre-programmed.

Lucian trophy-min.jpg

My Brother Lucian wins A national tennis tourament

with doubles partner Luca

However if you ask everyone who is actually involved in the tennis sport - coaches, manager, ex. players and junior pro’s ( from a certain age ) then it’s more hard work and the willingness to learn, make mistakes and the resilience to never give up, that will build a player that makes it to the top.

For a deep dive in what it needs to make the transition from a Junior Pro level to the world of ATP Pro’s - have a listen to the new podcast I did with Markus Buckland and the Head coach of Reeds School Junior - we where talking about all things Junior tennis.


Podcast: Junior Tennis Special

Most parents and players anxiously hope that they “have” the right mix between “hard work” and talent”. Most conversations and efforts will center around the player development.

It may be good to also extend the discussion to education. Looking at the fact that only a tiny number of players actually become Pro Players & then from this group only 50-80 or so (man and woman) can actually earn more from tennis then they spend playing the sport - it’s clear to me that education is the elephant in the room.

Todays junior players need to do both - getting to the top of their sport & be able to have a mainstream or comparable education that will provide them with the choice to go to university or to take up a-meaningful career after their tennis dream has finished.

At least this is what I plan to do going forward ;-)

Best, Felix