My dream is to become No.1 in the world one day

At the age of 10½ my amazing tennis journey began……

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My first memory of tennis was on the court with my dad coaching me, he was explaining to me what a forehand was and how to hit a backhand, I was not a very coordinated player but it was a lot of fun, so much so I was eager to just keep on improving and start competing.

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When I first started competing -  lets just say I wasn’t the best

I only won one match during my first year of tournaments; my dad just threw me in for the experience. I had no knowledge on how to score or what side of the court to stand on; there were many double faults, and lots of tears but I just kept pushing on. I eventually got the hang of it and quite good at it and here I am now – one of the top juniors in Australia.

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There have been many matches played over the years, many wins and some losses that have really motivated me to go another level.  One in particular was competing against the top 20 junior in the world, losing in 3 sets after 3 1/2 hours on court. Such a great achievement I was so proud of myself.

Tennis has taken me all over the country, and now overseas

It has allowed me to experience different places, cultures and meet so many new people that have now become my friends also following the same dream.

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My training routine

My training routine consists of on court training twice a day, strength & conditioning, massage, physio, and mindset practice.  I am also home-schooled currently completing year 10, I get that done when I can, school is not my favourite thing to do but it has to be done.  Sundays are always my day off unless I am competing in a tournament. I really love my days off I get to spend it with my family - my little sister, Mum and Dad. It’s also my treat day ;-)

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A great team is everything when it comes to developing my tennis game

I have a very supportive team surrounding me I call the ‘tribe’ that supports me and keeps me balanced, they are professionals in certain specific fields, which are necessary for me to be the world-class athlete and tennis player that I desire to be.

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Tennis is my passion and my dream to be no. 1 in the world some day, is even greater.  Tennis makes me feel happy and I know it’s where I am meant to be.  Being on the court is where I belong!

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More from me soon...

Isabella Bozicevic