Max Rehberg - 3 times german champion says "Hello"

I'm Max - this is my space...

My name is Max Rehberg and I'm 14 years old.I'm living near Munich. At the moment I'm in the 9th class in the Gymnasium Kirchheim.

I love tennis since the age of 4 

I'm playing tennis since I am 4 years old.I love to play tennis and I always try to give my best in training.


My trainingsbase is the "DTB-Leistungszentrum" in Oberhaching.I practice five times a week. Of course I'am also doing gymnastics, conditional workout and fitness related exercises.

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Juggling tennis & school is not easy

At the weekend I often play tournaments. Sometimes it's not easy for me to bring tennis and school together. My favourite player is Roger Federer! I' m sponsored by Yonex and BIDI BADU.

My biggest titles  - so far  - are:

- My ranking in Germany "U14" is No.1 !

-won 3 times German Championschip (single and double)

-won different single and double titles in TE tennis europe tournaments

-won 8 times Bavarian Championschip

-playing for the German National Team

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You can also follow me under @tennismax on Instagram

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