Road to the top

Hello my name is Melissa Boyden...

I was born in England in 2003.  When I was 4 months old I moved to the Netherlands for my fathers work. I started playing tennis at the age of 5. I started playing at TC Zandvoort when I was 7 years old.

National Champion Netherlands U14 in Singles and Doubles 

National Champion Netherlands U14 in Singles and Doubles 

My training at the Intime tennis academy 

My current ranking for under 14 is No.1. I started playing Tennis Europe events at the age of 11. Up until now I have won 5 singles titles and 5 doubles titles including a category 2 in Italy. 

In 2015 I started senior school in Den Haag a special school for Top Sporters. In the same year I moved to Intime tennis academy, which is run by Noelle van Lottum -  a former top 50 WTA player and her husband Martijn Belgraver.

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Becoming national champion of the Netherlands in singles and doubles 

This year I was National Champion singles and doubles under 14. I have won over 100 tournaments so far in my career. I have chosen tennis because I love the feel of the sport. My mother was a top athlete in cycling and she gave me the inspiration to do well in a sport. I want to try to get to No.1 WTA and win lots of Grand Slams. 

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This season I play in the under 16 category. At the moment I am playing the Winter Jeugd circuit in the Netherlands, a tournament held over 6 weeks to determine the ranking for the start of the season.

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My next step is some JRTs which are Youth ranking tournaments up to Christmas then some ITFs.

I will keep you updated as how I do. You can also follow me on Instagram under @melissa_boyden or via Facebook

Melissa Boyden