What happened since my last blog?

In my last blog I was playing the Winter circuit in Hilversum, Netherlands, after 14 matches over 4  weekends, I  won overall.  I won a nice shield.


Next tournament was a doubles JRT ( Youth ranking tournament) which I went on to win. By that time I was number 1 under 16 in the Netherlands -  bearing in mind that I was only in my first year.


Christmas came where I had a great time with my family getting lots of lovely presents. After Christmas I had an easy week tapering down to get ready for my next challenge ITFs - ( ITF Tournaments ).

I was selected by the federation to play 2 weeks of ITF juniors under 18 grade 5 in Bosnia/ Herzegovina

Beginning of January we left. I was lowly ranked at 2129 so I had to play in the qualifications, I played 3 rounds and qualified for the main draw 

First round in the maindraw I had to play a russian girl which I won 6-4 6-1, next round I had to play the number 4 seed from Serbia and I won again 6-2 6-2,



WOW I couldn't believe it myself I was on a roll.  


I got into the semi final and I had to play the number 2 seed a girl from Ukraine, I won in 2 sets 7-5 6-2. Just think about this  -  I'm now into my first ever final, I had to play the number 3 seed a girl from Slovakia. From the start I played well and I won the first set 7-5, I thought to myself I can win this, 2nd set  I'm 2-0  up when the girl retired.

I had won my first ITF after coming through the qualifications, I couldn't believe it myself. I also got to the semi finals in the doubles.

In the second week I went straight into the main draw 

My first match was a 3 setter which I won, I progressed through the next rounds winning in 2 sets, I was now in the semi final again but I was up against the number 1 seed from Slovenia, it was a tough 3 setter which I eventually won 6-2 6-7 6-2,

To say the least I was elated another final in 2 weeks. The final was against ranked number 5 from Slovenia but it was one match too much,  I lost in 3 sets 3-6  6-3 6-4, I got to the semi finals again in the doubles.

So after 2 weeks I had played 18 matches phew....and jumped into the top 700in the rankings. I must say I was very proud of myself. I now needed a rest. 

Winter Cup

I was selected again, 2nd year running for the Winter Cup in Bergen op Zoom, we played  Lithuania in the first round we won, next was Germany, I was up against a tough German so I lost, we now had to play for 3rd/4th place. We had to play Poland, I lost my single but won my double but overall we lost 1-2. Czech Republic eventually won.

I played a few tournaments in Holland including the  indoor National Championships under 16, in the semi final I didn't play too well and lost to the eventual winner. I was a bit disappointed but life goes on. 

Tennis Europe



There were no other tennis tournaments to play so I decided to  play a TE 3 as it was organized by my own tennis academy Intime.

I won all the rounds quite easy till the semi final when my wrist started to hurt, I won the first set 6-0 then I struggled, I couldn't hit the ball hard, I carried on fighting and won 7-5.  I had some treatment for the next day. I played the final and won 6-3 7-6. I also won the doubles with the girl I beat in the final. I was now ranked 62 in the world.

More ITFs

Next stop was two more  ITFs grade 5 in Latvia with the Federation. Mid March till the end of March.

I was now into the main draw straight away, thank goodness. 

I won the first 3 rounds easy after beating the number 2 seed, so I was now into the semi final.  I had to play a girl from Estonia who had played the Fed Cup so,I knew it was going to be a tough match,  I lost the first set but fought back and won 4-6 6-2 6-2. I was now into my third final. I had to play the number. 1 seed from Latvia, things didnt go to plan and I lost too easy. Doubles we lost in the first round. I was still climbing up the rankings.

2nd week in Latvia I was finally ranked number 7, first match was a tough one against a Russian which I won in three sets, eventually I got to the quarterfinals where I had to play the number 1 another girl from Russia, I took her to 3 sets but lost 6-2 3-6 6-7, I had a few match points in the third but it wasn't to be. In the doubles we got to the semi finals.


May/June. The Netherlands play club competitions which I play for TC Zandvoort in first class seniors.  

During one of the club matches I suffered a shoulder injury.

Playing ITFs again

Beginning of June, I went to play in Estonia ITF Grade 4, I was ranked around 550 in the world. I was ranked number 7 in the tournament. I got through to the quarter final but just lost a tough match against the girl who eventually won the tournament. 

ITF Grade 4 in Denmark, I got to the quarter final again this week. In the third round I had to play a girl from Estonia who was in the top 300, I played a incredible match and won 6-0 6-2. After  that I had to play a girl from Peru and I just lost in three sets 6-0 4-6 4-6 at 0-2 third set we had rain stop play, we had to wait for an hour before we could go on the court again. Unfortunately I just lost 6-4  

One day after I came back from Denmark I turned 15 years old. 

ITF Grade 2 Bakkum 

This was my very first Grade 2 I won the first round 6-7 6-2 6-2 against a girl who was ranked 127 in the world I played a incredible match. After that I had to play the ranked number one a girl ranked 73 in the world . Unfortunately it wasn't my best match. So I lost. 

 I am now ranked 401  in the world.  I have been selected to play the European Championships in Moscow and the Summer Cup in Romania.

Results to follow in the next Blog.

Melissa Boyden