Elyse Tse - National player U14&U team New Zealand

Hi, my name is Elyse Tse.   I would like to share my tennis journey with you as I try to reach my goals and fulfil my dreams in this wonderful sport. 

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I'm playing tennis every day of the week 

I was born in 2004 and I first started playing tennis when my Grandfather gave me my first tennis racquet for Christmas at the age of 5.  In the early years I played for fun on a casual basis, however in the last 3 years I have found a passion for the sport of tennis and this is when I started taking the game quite seriously.  I now train or play tennis every day of the week. 

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Representing my country was a great moment for me

Last year I was selected to represent for my country, New Zealand, where I competed at Melbourne Park where the Australian Open is held.  I then placed 3rd in New Zealand's National Championships for my age group and this has given me motivation to work hard and train relentlessly to be the best I can.

AGE: 13

HOME: Auckland, New Zealand.

FAVOURITE PLAYERS: Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams


COACH: Nick Jacques

A trip to Spain from the Other Side of the World

I would like to share with you a recent experience I had, going overseas to train in a Spain for a month.  Being from New Zealand this is quite a big deal.  It involves a 28 hour plane ride, a huge financial expense, and It also means I have to take time off school to make this happen…yippee!

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When I heard I was going to Barcelona to train at the BTT academy,  I really didn’t know what to expect,   However, the thought of going to Spain and learning to play on clay was super exciting - especially since New Zealand has no clay courts. 

On my very first day @ BTT I felt quite nervous as I didn’t know anyone.  However, the staff were very welcoming and the coaches were friendly and introduced themselves and told me exactly where I was suppose to be and what to do. I was surprised they all spoke such good english too. From Day One,  I knew it was going to be hard work in the Spanish heat.

Getting used to high intensity training - the spanish way 

The training was much more intense compared to New Zealand and most of the kids were very focused. You would do a lot of drills that were similar to New Zealand but it was way more intense. The coaches would push you - yelling VAMOS, VALE, BRAVO it was very motivational.

My main learnings from Spain were; like how to play on clay (sliding), some technical advice (accelerating the racket), that movement is very important using big crossover steps to get to the ball and being balance and stable. They reinforced the technical aspects of my game; and the fitness was tough, especially the long runs we had to do on Wednesdays.  But it was all exercises to help you get faster or stronger on court, so worth putting the effort in.  Overall it was awesome experience to be surrounded by heaps of kids who have similar dreams.  I worked hard,  learnt how to play on clay and had lots of laughs.

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