A Tennis Pro comes to stay...

A Tennis Pro comes to stay

One night while I was eating dinner, my mum gets an interesting phone call.  “One of the WTA Tennis Pros has been knocked out of the ASB Classic (which is New Zealand’s premier Pro Tournament) and she needs a place to stay until the Australian Open starts.  Do you guys have any room?”

Me with Petra Martic - currently No. 47 WTA ranking ( August 2018 ) 

Me with Petra Martic - currently No. 47 WTA ranking ( August 2018 ) 

You bet!   

Another phone call comes.  Oh no, did she change her mind?  ...Instead we hear this:  “One more thing, her coach needs a bed too”

I quickly clear out the junk from our spare room and eagerly await to see who is going to turn up at our door.  Dad runs off to the sleep-out and sets up a second bed.

Elyse Tse .png

So later that night one of the tournament limousines arrive at our driveway and out pops Petra Martic.

Petra is a professional tennis player from Croatia who after fighting injuries last year, has managed to reach a career world ranking of 34 this year.

Petra stayed with us for most of the week and it was a great privilege having her stay, and also meeting her coach Biljana Veselinovic.  I got to ask her lots of questions and she told me how hard it is being a Tennis Pro.  It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifice.  We talked about travelling around the world and what it was like being on the WTA Tour.   We talked about training, nutrition and all the little things that happen when you are touring as a professional.

Me and my sisters loved having her around, and my parents enjoyed chatting with Petra and Biljana over dinner.

Later in the week, I was super lucky as Biljana then gave me a private tennis lesson, then Petra came along and had a bit of a hit with me too.  Wow!

… When we were hitting, Petra was effortlessly hitting the ball, but yet her shots had lots of depth and spin. 

It was definitely a great experience to have Petra and Biljana stay with us, and every time she is on TV we are always cheering for her...  Go Petra!!!