How I changed my forehand

I was always trying to fixing my forehand in shadow swinging, reading articles, watching videos, analysing and imitating so many players on tour like Federer, Thiem, Cilic, etc...

3 Japan.jpg

 I was struggling with hitting my forehand but somehow was able to hit swing volley’s without any problems. I didn’t really know why. See below my swinging volley practice

Finally I identified the key reasons as to why I couldn’t handle these easy bounced forehand strokes

1st, I stopped my legs after the ball bounced,

2nd, I was too cautious about “how to swing”,

Now when I hit drive volleys, I do things a little different - Instead of being static I use microsteps to move in the right position - while at the same time keep 100% focus on the ball.

These simple changes made me generate huge power on the ball. Now it was time to try to put the practice into the next tennis tournament I was playing.

On that day, I just decided to hit the ball as hard as possible.

Once I hit my forehand powerfully, my opponents started aiming to my backhand so I hit some topspin deep ball and changed the pace with a backhand slice. When my opponents showed backhand preparation, I got ready to turn around to rip forehand. 


This simple plan really went well. I could win 2 matches but lost in 3rd round.

Those matches gave me confidence and also told me what I need to work on.

We always see  “practice makes perfect” anywhere. Sometimes I wondered “Is that true? Feel like I’ll never be able to hit forehand...” but this saying turned to be true!

Practice made my forehand better and better. I realised everyone has chances to get better. I’ll keep it adding!

Let me know what you think - is that also true for you?