Tennis is my passion

Hello, my name is Samuel Rayner and I am 13 years old. I am a performance tennis player who trains at Pershore Tennis centre in Worcestershire. The centre has 3 indoor courts and 5 outdoor courts.

Having a great team is very important to me

I train for 14 hours per week, mainly with my coach Jazzamay Drew (former WTA/ITF player) and Simon Corbishley (LTA level 5 coach) .The rest of my programme is made up of group training as part of the Pershore Futures programme headed up by Mike Langston. I attend Pershore High School who are very supportive of my tennis. 

With my coach Jazzamay Drew (former WTA/ITF player) 

With my coach Jazzamay Drew (former WTA/ITF player) 

My Villas Tennis Academy training camps

I also attend Vilas Tennis Academy in Mallorca for intense training camps twice a year to accompany my programme at home. (Under the guidance of Head Coach Sergio Sabadello who is the Russian Davis cup team coach)

Training at the Villas Tennis Academy

Training at the Villas Tennis Academy

Tennis Europe is the next step on the journey

I started competing on a regular basis in u10 green ball tennis and now compete regularly in regional level competition, I also just played my 1st Tennis Europe event in Mallorca. My dream is to become a professional tennis player and my main goal is to take my training level to the match court and improve my results and ranking position as a result of this. 

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Watch the space here  - so you don't miss my next blog, coming soon. 

Sam Rayner