Paul K Ainsworth

I am the father of two junior tennis players. My son, after chasing ranking points and rating wins, now loves training and playing socially whereas my daughter who has just started full ball tennis is trying to take her game as far as she can.

Being a tennis dad can be a fantastic pastime, as my son and I travelled around different parts of the country whilst he played in competitions and we met some really interesting people. I am now having similar journeys with my daughter. However it can also put a considerable strain on a father and child as we are both placed in this completely new and pressurised world. I never played tennis as a child so I do not have a set of a reference points to work from but I want to give my own children the best opportunities possible.

Through my blogs I try and explore some of the issues and challenges that we’ve faced which will hopefully be useful for other tennis parents or sports parents in general. I will also mention some of the books that I have read and the learning that I have gained from them.

I have written six books on education / education leadership and I now support and train leaders in a large Multi-Academy Trust. I have drawn on these skills to write a guide for tennis parents which will focusses on the mental struggles of junior tennis and is entitled, 'Trophies, tears and line calls: The guide for tennis parents'. This is at the proof reading stage and I am looking to get it published soon. I am eager to hear of your experiences too. 

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Paul K Ainsworth