Helping children in Uganda

A few weeks ago we came across a video from the Tennis4theworld charity. This UK based charity collects unwanted tennis equipment and distributes it to schools, colleges and social development projects in Uganda / Africa. You can see for yourself how much fun the children have with the most basic tennis gear. 

Finally all tennis gear is ready to be shipped to Uganda

Finally all tennis gear is ready to be shipped to Uganda

A quick search around the house ( including the loft ) showed a quite substantial amount of tennis shoes, shirts and other gear we did not needed anymore. The idea was born to donate all of our unwanted tennis clothes and shoes to Tennis4theworld. 

As sometimes happens in life  - it turned out that one of the coaches we knew was a driving force in managing the UK collections for that charity. A stroke of luck! Theo was delighted that we wanted to help. He assured us that all of our tennis gear would arrive in Uganda & that it would make a huge difference to the local communities. 

Donating unwanted tennis equipment is a great way to enable less well of communities to get excited about the great sport we all love - tennis. It's amazing to see how little it needs to get a good game of tennis off the ground. In that regard  - Tennis is a truly global sport. 

So, yesterday we packed up all our unwanted tennis gear & gave everything to Theo. He will now ship our donation  - amongst other ones- to Uganda.

We will update you once it has arrived. We hope that the children in Africa will have lots of fun playing tennis with their new tennis equipment. 

If you would like to donate your unwanted tennis equipment  - please connect with Theo from Tennis4theworld by dropping a mail to